About Us

West Michigan Auto Body was established in 1977 when Dennis Sabo’s hobby grew into a business. Dennis had been renting a two-stall garage on Apple Drive in Fruitport Township where he worked to repair the 1967 Corvette Stingray that he had purchased. The car had been badly damaged in an accident, but Denny knew it could be rebuilt. And as the process of rebuilding the car moved along, other Stingray owners took note of Denny’s abilities and asked him for help repairing their own Corvettes. Word spread, and the number of cars in Denny’s building grew. He found help in his brother Gary, which seemed to diffuse the workload for a bit. Eventually business boomed again, and that’s when their brother Joe joined the team.

Business, however, continued to grow. So much so that West Michigan Auto Body eventually outgrew the two-stall garage on Apple Road. Dennis and Gary decided to build a new building at 16709 150th Avenue in Spring Lake Township, the site of the old drive-in theatre. Today, this area is widely known as the Spring Lake Township Industrial Park.

At their new home, West Michigan Auto Body continued to experience growth and the brothers found that they needed an office manager. They asked their sister Dawn (Stebbins) to join the team. Since that time, the shop has been blessed with the ability and the workforce needed to accommodate even more customers and a variety of different insurance companies. Corvettes may have started the business, but West Michigan Auto Body has grown into a full-service automobile repair shop that works on a number of different makes and models. We stay educated on those vehicles so that our team can successfully repair almost any make and model on the road today. And we are proud to be assisting our community by passionately working on their vehicles.

We are a family that grew up in Spring Lake, and we thank this community for the support they have given to West Michigan Auto Body. Word-of-mouth has been our only source of advertising for years, which is only part of the reason why we love this community. It’s filled with great people, and offers plenty of amenities to any family.

At West Michigan Auto Body, we’re very big on family. Our mother Mary raised all seven of us (six boys and one girl), teaching us valuable lessons by example. Our house was always in order, we were always in school and we never missed an activity we wanted to participate in. Our father Steve thought going to work was much easier than staying at home with the seven of us—and we’re pretty sure he was right!

In fact, the work ethic you’ll find at West Michigan Auto Body is a direct example of the work ethic we learned from our father. He was the service manager at North Shore Marina for over 35 years and all six of us boys worked with him at one point. He would often tell us not to stand around but to hustle up. He told us to do the best we could do, and then do a little more. Working with him gave us the chance to observe his ability to communicate with boat owners, never losing sight of the importance of taking care of each customer’s investment. And whether the boat was large or small, every customer was treated with the same respect.

To this day, that is the approach we take with our own customers—and we thank each and every one of those customers for their trust in our ability to serve them.

Dennis Sabo, Gary Sabo, Joe Sabo and Dawn Stebbins