Our Repair Process

Some of our customers don’t know what happens during the repair process and on minor damages, why it takes three days to repair. Well each repair is different but this should give you a general idea of our process of a typical three day repair.

  • Come and visit our shop for an estimate or have your insurance company write an estimate of damages, and we will work from that quote.
  • Schedule the vehicle for repairs
  • Drop off vehicle to start the repair process

Day 1:  we start repairs, this may mean repairing simple dents or scratches and putting them into a two part urethane primer or it may consist of taking your vehicle apart to see if there is more damage than was visible at the time of the estimate.  If we find more damage, the responsible party is called this may be the insurance company or the owner if it is customer pay, and we discuss what damage has been found.  At this point pictures may be emailed to OK the repair, or there may have to be a re-inspection of the damage by the insurance company before any more work can be done.   If OK’d by pictures that day, we can continue and stay on schedule as long as the parts needed are available in our allotted three day time frame.  We will work diligently to keep our three day promise to you.

Day 2: Prep vehicle for paint includes * wet-sand the primered damaged areas and the adjacent areas to assure good color match.  We typically blend color onto any adjacent panel to assure the color matches correctly.  This is done because in the aftermarket (meaning not the original manufacturer) we are given what the paint manufacturers call a “BLENDABLE COLOR” this means there may be only one color or up to six variances to the color on your vehicle.  So blending the color onto a portion of the adjacent panel and then spray clear coat over the rest will assure us a paint manufacturer’s blendable color match.  Your vehicle is taped off brought into our Spray-Bake Paint Booth, sealer is applied to the primered areas then color and then Clear Coat, followed by 30 minutes of baking at 140 degrees, then left alone until the next day.

Day 3: we then wet-sand and polish the painted areas, assemble, vacuum wash and deliver.